Baby Powder Wax Melts by Candlecopia®, 2 Pack


This classic powdery fragrance of citrus, vanilla and lavender evokes memories of freshness and tenderness. Each 3.2 ounce wax tart contains 6 cubes. For best results, melt 2 cubes at a time. Go ahead, mix and match fragrance cubes for your own unique scents!

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Candlecopia’s Baby Powder Wax Melts encapsulate the classic, beloved aroma of baby powder. The subtle intertwining of citrus, vanilla, and lavender yields a fragrance that is soft, clean, and comforting. It is an aroma that transcends the sensory, evoking memories of freshness and tenderness, and transforming spaces into havens of calm and serenity.

Crafted with Care
Each Baby Powder Wax Melt by Candlecopia is a testament to quality and sustainability. Made in the USA, these wax melts are crafted from soy wax, a biodegradable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional paraffin wax. The use of soy wax ensures a cleaner burn, releasing the delicate baby powder fragrance effectively and purely, without overwhelming the senses.

An Ode to Sustainability
In every aspect of their creation, Candlecopia’s wax melts reflect a commitment to the environment. The soy wax used is derived from domestically grown soybeans, a renewable resource that supports American farmers. Free from toxins and with a minimal soot release, these wax melts offer an aromatic experience that is both pleasurable and responsible.

A Touch of Comfort
Every wax melt offers more than a fragrance; it offers an experience. The gentle aroma of the Baby Powder Wax Melts does not just scent the air but adds an intangible touch of comfort to any space. It is a fragrance that is soft yet present, understated yet memorable – much like the tender moments of caring for a child that it evokes.

In conclusion, Candlecopia stands as a brand that marries quality with sustainability, and its Baby Powder Wax Melts are a true reflection of this ethos. For those seeking a fragrance that is as gentle as it is memorable, and as kind to the senses as it is to the earth, Candlecopia’s Baby Powder Wax Melts emerge as a choice that offers the best of all worlds. Crafted in the USA, they bring together the nostalgic aroma of baby powder with the assurance of quality and sustainability that defines Candlecopia.

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